Unveiling the Healing Presence

Practical Guidance for Personal and Interpersonal Healing and Transformation
What are the dynamics of getting stuck in life? Of being confronted with desires, appetites, habits, conditioning, beliefs, emotions, questions, reactions and events that throw one off center? And how do we also fail to reach those close to us, including those who come to us for help, never quite touching them in that place of greatest need because we simply do not see it ourselves? How is it that some heal by Presence alone while others use a flurry of techniques to initiate only a little movement? What IS the essence of healing? And how do we awaken to it?

Imagine what it would be like to live in a state of spiritual certainty, to have clarity in ones own being no matter how challenged by outer circumstances, to understand the depth of what others are going through such that you see the way out for them and can effectively hold their hand, to grasp the essence of an inner need before even taking a single pulse and considering a treatment plan.

Join us in a workshop incorporating a balance of oral transmission and practical exercises where we will:

  • Go beyond ideologies of healing to experience and understand the essential ingredients of authentic transformation from the inside out.
  • Penetrate through phenomenon (Greek for ‘appearance’) into the essence of experience.
  • Explore the dimensions of Spirit, Soul and Body and experience the therapeutic significance of these distinctions directly in oneself as well as in others.
  • Experience directly the Presence that gives perspective for all situations, such as the play of the elements, thus dramatically reducing the need to analyze the myriad details in order to decipher what is happening and how to proceed.
  • Learn how to simply arrive as pure Presence – the key for all healing and transformation.

Who can benefit? This class is immediately relevant and applicable for all disciplines of study, as well as all levels of knowledge and experience.