Day of Rejuvenation and Reflection

Do you ever run through your day without taking the time to pause, breath, decompress and find your center? Are you ever overwhelmed by unexpected events that turn your life upside down? Are you so busy taking care of others that there is no time left for you (assuming you remember who that is!)?

Join us for a day of rejuvenation! This is an opportunity to release accumulated stress, clear your mind, and heal your body. A portion of the day will be devoted to meditation and reflection on short and long-term goals, life direction and destiny. This is your chance to spend sacred time with yourself — remember who you are, why you are here and where you are going.

Come to the orchard in Spring.
There is light and wine, and sweethearts in the pomegranate flowers.

If you do not come, these do not matter.
If you do come, these do not matter.

- Rumi