Saji Prelis

Lakshitha Saji Prelis is one of the founding members and the Executive Director of the Center for Peace Building International. He is also the coordinator of the Peacebuilding & Development Institute at American University.

SajiHe is currently involved in several peacebuilding, conflict resolution and coexistence initiatives both in the United States and abroad. In addition, Saji was the technical editor of Reconciliation, Justice and Coexistence: Theory and Practice and co-author of Long Road to Reconciliation in the above publication.

Saji was appointed by the governor and served a two year term between 1996 to 1998 as a Commissioner for the State of Oregon on higher education and financial aid issues. He has also been involved in issues of higher education in California, Oregon and Washington, DC. His areas of interest include providing opportunities for children to act as agents of peace, the use of technology for humanitarian purposes, dialogue and coexistence initiatives and education and community development initiatives.

Saji Prelis completed his Master’s degree in International Peace & Conflict Resolution with a concentration in International Law from American University in Washington, DC.