John Everhart
Assistant Director

Mr. John Everhart received his B.S. in Mining Engineering from the University of Nevada in 1974 and worked in the industry for seven years. He completed further postgraduate study in psychology at the University of Tennessee in 1980. He went on to receive his M.Ed. in Community Counseling from the University of Tennessee in 1982. He has been a social worker, marriage counselor and truancy officer for 22 years, working primarily in social service and non-profit agencies with disadvantaged youth and their families. He has worked with adolescents at juvenile detention centers, psychiatric hospitals, reform schools and alcohol / drug treatment centers. The Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Virginia certifies him in general court mediation. Mr. Everhart brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and compassion to his work. He has received several awards for his volunteer community service in mental health and juvenile corrections.